Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Have You Chosen The Right Freight Forwarder?

You can be an e-commerce seller on Amazon at any time. Did you know? In 2016 43% of the sales went from Amazon. This is expected to grow in the near future. According to the writers, Amazon faces massive competition in the e-commerce market from the latest arrivals and the old retailers. 

What Is Amazon In Terms Of FBA Services?

Amazon FBA is referred to as Fulfillment by Amazon. In this service, Amazon stores the relevant company’s product in their distribution centers and ships it out to the customers on your behalf. Amazon FBA lets its customers enjoy a qualified e-commerce business and be a part of their Amazon Prime program. This means that the customers enjoy free shipping for two days.

How Would You Work With Amazon?

The customer is responsible for getting the goods to the fulfillment centers. You could also rely on the major parcel shipping companies to do the work for you. As you begin to sell more products, the same companies can become very costly. That creates a limitation of how much you can expand and sell.

How To Look For A Good Freight Forwarder?

There are a few ways by which an international freight forwarder can expand your e-commerce business. By serving your business’ logistics and by transporting the goods carefully, you can create a good amount of profit and increase your business. A freight forwarder company enables you to save your time and money by coordinating the multiple shipments and also helping you select the most affordable way to ship the goods.

What Does An E-commerce Freight Forwarder Possess?

An e-commerce freight forwarder needs to possess basically three things to work efficiently with the other companies.  Amazon is the world’s largest retailers and has specific requirements for all the products they store. They also have the knowledge of how the products need to be packaged and also labeled. It is possible to do this yourself, though it could be time-consuming. In fact, there is always a major risk of making mistakes. Your shipment could be rejected at the Amazon fulfillment center.

Do They Create Good Global Logistics?

A promoting freight forwarder should create the global logistics department for your business concern.  They actually require making your business a priority, by focusing on your business goals and also establishing standard operating procedures. There should also be good communications with the Amazon companies.  Freight forwarder like Amazon should communicate when there are changes to Amazon’s FBA policies and innovative offer ideas on how to work in your supply chain.

How Can The E-commerce Business Grow With Amazon?

An e-commerce business can grow quickly as you require a reliable Amazon Freight Forwarding that can lead to that growth. Thus, there should be an extensive network of partners all around the world and also access to multiple shipping lanes. By selecting this kind of freight forwarder, you can meet the demands of your growing business. Such freight forwarders will work with you to keep your supply chain working efficiently.

In this way, the business can expand in a reliable way and the International Freight Shipping Companies can create the best logistics for transport of goods. Packair is one such company that can offer you all such international shipping help in a professional way.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What Are The Rules For Import Of Cargo Shipping Via Sea To USA?

While being in the USA and taking help of the freight services, there are some basic things to keep in mind regarding shipping cargo in the US.

There are certain rules which one must follow in case they are interested in sipping cargo in the US. And the first thing in the list is to find out your status in the customs. The status differs from people who are residents of the nation to those who are not. Such a categorization is done so that one can understand the difference in duty fee exemptions of each person. 

About Duty Fee Exemptions In Cargo Shipping In US

Duty free exemptions also vary from one resident to another in US depending on their occupation or length of stay. For instance, if a resident of the country is returning back to US after a considerable period of time and he/she wishes to import their cargo, they need to qualify certain conditions in order to get maximum duty fee exemptions. In fact, the condition includes both his/her personal and household items. On the other hand, if a resident is a US Government employee, the scenario changes. When they come back after a considerable length of time, they can bring in a number of personal or household items without paying the charges.

Shipping Both Personal And Household Items To USA

When residents of the nation ship products to the country, they are allowed duty-free exemptions in certain items which include – artworks, dishes, furniture, books or linen. However, the resident must be using these articles for at least a year before they are shipped and these must be for personal use and not otherwise. Suppose a person is Shipping from China to US, similar duty-free exemptions can also be enjoyed if he/she is shipping other personal items such as – equipment of photography, jewelry, clothing etc. 

Rules Of Importing Inherited Items To US

Generally, US does not allow importing any material that has been inherited to be shipped to the country. However, there are certain criteria which must be maintained.
·        The item that you want to carry is antique and there is proper documentation to prove it.
·        The item has been in use for at least a year before it is being shipped to the US. 

In Case Of Shipping Household Items

You need to fill out the Customs Form 6059B in order to ship household items to US. You need to be specific about each of the items that you wish to ship and simply writing down “household items” would not do. This document should be submitted in advance to the US Customs official. For instance – for sea Freight from China to US, count each of the types of items and their numbers to reduce confusion. US Government is strictly against importing any pests from outside and therefore any goods that come in wood packaging from China is not accepted. 

At times, the custom rules can get painful. You can take help from the reputed cargo shipping companies for overseas import in this case. PackAir is one of the quite well-known companies with good years of service. They are offering a wide number of freight-related service, among which handling customs also is an integral part.